Monday, April 25, 2011

The 11.5M pixel HMD

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to ship to a customer one of our high-end HMDs, with a total of 11.7M pixels. Each eye in this HMD has 5.76 million pixels, about 2.7 times as much as an HD1080 signal.
The piSight 166-43 has a horizontal field of view of 164 degrees, which approaches the human visual field.

Building, testing and shipping such a high-end HMD is always a cause for celebration here. We sell lots of 120-degree and 60-degree products every year, but just a handful of the super high-end ones.

This particular piSight has 12 micro-dispalys per eye. The top photo on the right shows the complete HMD. The photo below it shows the eye modules: the left side of the image shows our patented tiled optics in front of the 12 displays, while the right side shows the screen configuration with the array removed.

It takes one or two computers to drive the HMD to its full potential, and we typically recommend driving it with four HD1080P or 1920x1200 signals which feed into our video processing electronics.

The field of view is just spectacular, as well as the level of detail across it. It is simply fun to see how immersive such product is.