Monday, February 15, 2016

Vision Summit 2016: Using OSVR to Support (practically) Any Device in AR/VR

I delivered this presentation last week at the Vision 2016 Summit

Full video:

Slides only:

The key point in the presentation is that no one wants to write AR/VR applications that work only on one device. To put a positive frame on it, the ability of applications to work across a wide range of displays, inputs and output devices is valuable to practically to everyone:

  • Content providers want their applications to be used on the widest range of possible devices.
  • Makers of VR displays, input or output devices don't want to settle for a few pieces of content that are written specifically for then; they want access to a wide range of content
  • Consumers want 2016 applications to work on 2017 hardware without having to buy upgrades or wonder if their new hardware will ever be supported
OSVR achieves just that - it allows runtime choice of what input, output and display devices to use and the presentation illustrates this. OSVR supports numerous devices today, with new devices being added every week.