Friday, December 3, 2010

Vega Prime, VBS2, Adacel, iMove, WorldViz and Harry Potter integration

We're back from I/ITSEC, the world's largest training and simulation show where we demonstrated several really cool integrations between popular software packages and the our head-mounted displays.

Here are some of the demos we showed:

  • xSight HMD with Vega Prime from Presagis. Vega Prime is a popular environment for creating 3D simulations, and powers many commercial flight simulators, often in dome or multi-screen configurations. Integrating Vega Prime with a panoramic HMD allows a very portable solution which is useful if the simulation needs to come to the trainee, or if there are very confined spaces. With a good graphics card and a professional motion tracker from Intersense, we allowed visitors to immerse themselves in a virtual construction site. Update: Presagis also thinks it was cool
  • zSight HMD with VBS2 from Bohemia Interactive coupled with voice recognition from Adacel. VBS2 is often used for ground training and provides a rich environment for creating, executing and debriefing training missions. In our demo, we coupled VBS2 with the zSight SXGA HMD including integrating the zSight's built-in three degree of freedom tracker, so that the user head movements are reflected on the screen. The voice recognition engine from Adacel, coupled with the zSight's built-in microphone and stereo sound, allowed simulated artillery training. Speaking commands while wearing the HMD results the computer recognizing, processing, executing and then responding to the commands by voice for a very compelling experience.
  • iMove provide multi-camera solution that allow complete spherical viewing and recording of space. We placed an iMove camera pod on top of our booth and it provided true 360 degree views of the conference floor. By integrating the iMove viewing application with the built-in tracker inside the zSight HMD, conference attendees were able to don the zSight and explore the conference from up above. Since the camera was right above our booth and provides full spherical imaging, users could sometimes see themselves wearing the HMD for somewhat of an 'out of body' experience.
  • The Vizard software by WorldViz is an interactive development environment for all things 3D. We have been working with our friends from WorldViz for several years now, and their demos do a great job in showcasing the power of VR. At the show, we have Vizard running with an xSight panoramic, high-definition HMD with full 6-degree (yaw/pitch/roll, x/y/z) tracking.
  • Last but not least, we demonstrated the low-latency wireless link for the zSight HMD as well as the zSight's ability to display 3D side-by-side content being popularized by YouTube and 3D broadcasts. The wireless link worked great at the show providing high-definition images, long range (we were able to walk more than 100 feet without losing signal in an otherwise busy show environment), stereo audio and long battery life. For a full show day, we probably used 3 to 4 rechargeable batteries, and with the quick charge feature it was easy to charge one while another was being used. The highlight the 3D aspect of the zSight, we found several side-by-side movie trailers. The new Harry Potter movie (3D trailer link here) beat Cloudy with a chance of meatballs as well as Toy Story 3 as the show favorite.
Overall, lots of fun in an otherwise serious exhibition.

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