Friday, July 5, 2013

What we learned from focusing on 'Heavily Used HMDs'

Last month, my company set out to dive deeper into 'heavily used HMDs', wanting to explore where are the failure modes of HMDs and what to do about them. Here is what we did:

1. We launched a survey, asking thousands of users to tell us what they thoughts about HMD reliability, about the factors contributing to occasional breakdowns of HMD and what to do about them. The response was excellent and we were able to get nearly 200 questionnaires filled. The resultant report is now published and can be freely downloaded here and a sample graph is below

"Which parts of the HMDs are failing?" from the Sensics 2013 report on HMD reliability

2. Understanding how important HMDs are to the work our customers performed, we decided to offer them extra peace of mind by extending our warranty to three years (with some limitations). Read the announcement here.

3. For those customers that operate in harsh training conditions, we launched a Mil-Spec HMD that is designed to withstand rugged conditions including shock, vibration, pouring rain, extended temperatures and more.

4. To demonstrate that this HMD was as good as advertised, we had some fun taking it into the shower and riding wildly with it. See the videos below

"The Shower"

"The Ride"

What should we do next?

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