Monday, September 16, 2013

Comprehensive hand and finger tracking? Try sensor fusion

A wide variety of applications could benefit from hand and finger tracking, but the performance requirements are quite diverse.

  • For some applications, understanding the position of the hand as a point in space would be sufficient. Virtual boxing, for instance.
  • For some, 360 degree tracking of the hands would be useful. A throwing motion of a football quarterback starts from behind the head. 
  • Those applications needing finger tracking can often do with the fingers in front of the body, though if the finger sensor is mounted on the head, its field of vision might not be enough of the head is turned one way - say left - while the tracked hand goes right.
I think the solution will be some hybrid of the various technologies. Whether it is something like the Sixense STEM, YEI PrioVR, structured light technologies (like the one implemented in the Kinect), Time of Flight (inside the new Kinect), these technologies would need to be combined for a truly effective solution.

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