Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Why did Sensics launch the OSVR Store?

Last week, the OSVR Store came on-line. It offers a range of OSVR-related products, services, accessories and components. It also contains useful information, most of it adopted from this blog.

But why did the Sensics team launch it?

The first answer that comes to mind is “to make money”. That’s an obvious reason, as Sensics is a for-profit company. We invest a lot in developing OSVR and would love to see returns on our investments.

But that’s not the only reason, nor perhaps the most important one. Here are some others.

We wanted the OSVR Store to be helpful to the VR enthusiast and hacker. That’s why we offer components: optics, tracking boards from various vendors, IR camera. More components are coming. Some will use those to upgrade an existing system, others to build a new one.

We wanted a place for hardware developers, a platform to market their innovations. If you make something OSVR-related, we invite you to sell it on the OSVR Store. It can be an OSVR-supported HMD. It can be an accessory or component that can help OSVR users. It can even be OSVR-related services. We strive to offer fair and simple terms. If you can build it, we can help you promote it. Drop us a note at hello@osvrstore.com to get started.

To me, OSVR has always been about choice. About democratizing VR. Not forcing users to buy everything from the same vendor. Encouraging applications to run on many devices. Support more than one operating system.

The OSVR Store is one more way to give everyone choice. Check it out.

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