Saturday, February 12, 2011

New video demo of xSight head-mounted display

The xSight HMD is difficult to experience on YouTube, but here's a movie anyway. The reason it's difficult to experience is that two of its most important attributes: field of view and weight are best experienced in person. The horizontal field of view of an xSight is 120 degrees. If you sat 8 feet from a TV and wanted that TV to provide you with 120 degrees field of view, the width of the TV needs to be about 28 feet. That's much more immersive than a front row seat in most movie theaters.

Weight is also hard to experience in a movie. The weight of the xSight is about 350 grams, so similar to a Coca Cola can. The weight of other HMDs is sometimes 1.5 kg, like a 6-pack of beer on your head. Quite a difference!

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