Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New video of zSight HMD with iMove

A new video is available showing the integration of the Sensics zSight HMD with the iMove GeoView software package. iMove allows truly spherical recording of video, which is useful for many applications such as surveillance, tourism, mission rehearsal and more. A vehicle is outfitted with a pole carrying several cameras. Video is simultaneously recorded from all cameras. iMove's software then stitches the individual video streams and prepares a file which can then be played back using a standard desktop or notebook PC. The player receives head tracking information via a simple USB interface from the zSight HMD and changes the viewing direction based on the head movements. The result is like being inside the car.

Various cool videos are available: riding in DC, sailing in a canal in Amsterdam and many others. Several companies also offer services where they can create such immersive videos for desired locations.

Since there is so much video data being recorded at once, iMove decided (at least for this recording) to record at about 8 frames per second. This is more choppy than normal video, but creates a nice balance between the amount of storage required and the smoothness of the image.

Integration is also available for the xSight which provides an even wider field of view and even higher resolution.

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