Friday, January 20, 2012

Mindless goggles not going away anytime soon

A reader writes:

You mentioned that goggles of the past were mindless monitors. 

I would love mindless goggles provided that they had head tracking and a decent resolution and viewing angle, a bit like those uber expensive sensics ones. :-)

Will you one day release such a product? I am talking flight sim, racing sim, first person shooters. Sony seems to be the only one with something close at the moment but the field of view does not cover the full 180 degrees. If it did, the resultion would need to improve a lot."

Thank you for the input.

I think mindless goggles are not going away anytime soon, just like flip phones are still around (though their primary market these days are young kids and senior adults). Mindless goggles will most likely continue to be cheaper and offer somewhat of a limited experience. A starter kit, before you upgrade to SmartGoggles?

For one thing, SmartGoggles are not fully commercialized quite yet. Based on the wave of enthusiasm and support, I am sure they will be quite soon.

My company is happy to be mentioned in the same sentence as SONY, and we are glad to be impacting the discussion. Imagine how cool it would be if SONY decided to license SmartGoggles technology and make their media viewer a smart goggle - one with full head and hand tracking, wider field of view, higher resolution, untethered, and an Android processor on board. You could immerse yourself in PlayStation games, or even play them in a limitless and omni-directional tracking area. Or, you could connect to a SONY tablet or XPERIA or VITA and add intelligence, immersion and 3D to all the nice features that already exist on these devices.

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