Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One of my favorite CES exhibits

Back from CES, where my company launched the SmartGoggles to substantial press, partner and customer excitement (see the verge, for instance)

One of my favorite exhibits at CES was the Smart Window by Samsung. It is a large transparent window that allows graphical overlays on top of the see-through pane.

Historically, see-through technology has been pretty much limited to heads-up displays and see-through goggles, all of which are fairly small in size. The Smart Window makes see-through panels that are much larger. If you couple this with some ability to modulate the intensity of light coming through the window (e.g. electronic shades), you can truly see the window of the future.

The micro/macro comparison in displays is interesting. For instance, there is a lot of effort on behalf of large companies to create ever-larger high-definition OLED televisions (Samsung and LG both introduced stunning 55" OLED TVs at the show), but all that innovation has not yet made it into micro-displays. Other than SONY, perhaps the really big companies are not yet convinced there is a very large market for OLED micro-displays. Such commitments would help drive down the cost for micro-displays, and make high-performance goggles substantially more affordable.

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