Monday, December 23, 2013

What I'm looking for at CES

If you like to experience sensory overload, go to CES. 3200 exhibitors, hundreds of large-screen TVs hanging off the ceiling, celebrity appearances, flashy cars, and of course Las Vegas outside the convention center.

Here's what I'm looking to see at CES:
  • The latest and greatest in portable (man worn) display technologies. Would love to see which are ready for prime time within a Sensics product.
  • All kinds of sensors: motion sensors, hand and finger sensors, biometric sensors, eye trackers, full body sensing, proximity sensors, embedded cameras for augmented reality. In short, anything that can be reasonably combined with a VR goggle to create the next-generation experience.
  • Companies that have VR/AR ideas and concepts and unique specifications but need help in refining these specifications and then building high-performance and affordable products around them. In the last year, my company has done several such projects and have the designs, IP and decade of experience to help. High-end gaming goggle? Unique display or signal processing requirements? We can help.
  • Last, catch up with friends and professional acquaintances. It's not often that so many of my network are in the same city at the same time.
Whether you are 'buying' or 'selling' in these categories, drop me a note and perhaps we can meet at the show.

Happy Holidays to all. Rest well and get ready for CES 2014!

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